Smart Mobility workshop

On Wednesday 10 May, four parallel workshops will be organised on four emerging challenges for industry, including Smart Mobility.

Each workshop is set up as a panel with key players in the domain; large industry, academia, SMEs and customers, discussing main innovation trends in the specific challenge. An important element of the workshops will be the interaction with the audience, with ample room for Q&A.

As interaction with the audience is key, you can already be involved now and have an impact on the discussion! Check out the workshop focus points and share your opinion below.


The panellists and moderators

Smart Mobility - workshop focus

Following the recommendations of the Declaration of Amsterdam of the European Commission (2016), this workshop will contribute by addressing topics and trends from the perspective of large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and research organisations.

Future “Smart Mobility” needs both technical and societal cooperation to master the reliability, the connectivity and complexity challenges on the one hand and the acceptance, safety, security and privacy challenges on the other, in front of the whole value chain from system-on-chip to the vehicle and vehicle context. The workshop gives room for a discussion platform on the latest and most critical issues as well as emerging technologies along the way to connected, cooperative and automated mobility.

Renowned experts from the industry and academia will discuss the state-of-the-art and will also factually predict what changes in mobility we can expect in the near and more distant future.