Published on 11 Jan 2017 · JANUARY 11, 2017

NXP & THALES support DIF 2017

We are proud to announce NXP and THALES as a new sponsor for the Digital Innovation Forum 2017. NXP and THALES have been supporting the ARTEMIS-IA and ITEA communities for a long time and are strong contributors to a big number of high-level R&D projects. Moreover, they are at the forefront in Digital Transformation & Security.

NXP - invests in research and development (R&D) to provide some of the highest-performing, richly-optimised, smallest-geometry products that enable the world around us. With their R&D and the help of their partners, NXP continues to develop advanced technologies that give us greater productivity and speed the time to market—while minimising the environmental impact.

As more devices connect to the network, cloud and to each other, NXP focusses on providing new opportunities to make lives easier, adding value with increased functionality and intelligent services. This connectivity requires more computing and security to ensure reliability, safety and quality.

From transmitting the first words from the moon to life-saving airbag sensors, NXP has a long history of world-changing inventions.

THALES - The World is changing. Just as Digital Transformations are changing how people think about commercial and consumer products, the same progress and innovations are shaping the future. We believe that the Digital Transformation in our various sectors of activities requires new reality. Our innovation and technological developments in areas such as large scale software-driven systems, secure communications, sensors (radar, sonar, optical), supervision, on-board electronics, satellites and systems integration will satisfy the expectations our customers around the world.

There is no doubt that Thales is committed to R&D, which is a vital part of its mission to improve the digital future of its customers.  Thales continues to align R&D efforts with disruptive technology trends to seek synergies across all our businesses and markets we are serving in Aerospace , Space, Ground transportation, defense and Security.