Published on 10 Apr 2017

ECSEL Joint Undertaking supports the DIF 2017

We are proud to announce ECSEL-JU as a new sponsor for the Digital Innovation Forum 2017.

ECSEL-JU Joint Undertaking is the funding institute for projects dedicated to Electronic Components and Systems. ECSEL-JU focusses on contributing to the development of a strong and globally competitive electronics components and systems industry in the European Union.

The Joint Undertaking wants to align strategies with Member States to attract private investment, maintain and grow semiconductor and smart system manufacturing capability in Europe and secure and strengthen a commanding position in design and systems engineering.

Bert de Colvenaer emphasizes:  “There are 3 good reasons for the ECSEL JU to fully support fora like the DIF: Firstly, it is important that the ECSEL projects we fund disseminate their results as broadly as possible, and we are glad to help them in this.  Also, we see that putting projects - and the people conducting them - together in such exhibitions stimulates them to generate new ideas and challenges for resolution in future new projects. A cultivation of the ECS innovation eco system.  And last but not least, it is important for programmes like ECSEL to show off the great results of our collective work to a wide public, which helps to secure the future for European industries and citizens alike…”


The “Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership” (ECSEL) is a Joint Undertaking established in June 2014 by the European Union Council Regulation No 561/2014. It is a public-private partnership that will engage, for 2014 to 2020, up to 1.17 billion euro funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, combining it with a commensurate amount of national/regional funding and participants’ own contributions to leverage about 5 billion euro Research and Innovation investments in nanoelectronics, Embedded and Cyber-Physical systems, and system integration technologies. The R&D actors are represented by the associations AENEAS, ARTEMISIA and EPoSS.

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