Mario Caria

International Director and Senior Partner at Sofimac Partners

He manages the International activity of Sofimac Partners for Funds Raising and Investments in Venture Technology with focus on Life Science. Since he joined, Sofimac Partners deployed internationally, doubled its head counts, tripled the office sites and manages now over 10 times the AUM. Mario initiated and participate on several Funds creation, management and funds raising.

Prior to Sofimac, in 2005, Mario joined as Chief Scientific Officer, Gray Matta UK a company on Intellectual Property in Healthcare, managing assets and licensing including technical and legal controversies.

Mario negotiated a series of commercial contracts and deals on licensing of IP and technology with Technology Transfer offices and Incubators across Europe. As a result he created the first company in 1999 as Spin Off of Imperial College in London and subsequently cofounded and managed as CEO/COO several startups in Molecular and Immuno Diagnostic and business in Hematology. In 2003-2006 he developed the imaging devices business, establishing commercial network.

He created numerous International Consortia in Europe raising and managing over 50mEURO funds for R&D financed also by European Commission where eventually he joined in Bruxelles with several appointments among which Steering Board Member. The projects on Medical Technology span from Sequencers to Imagers and Implantable Robotics.

Mario got his degree in Nuclear Physics with a Thesis at CERN the European Centre for Nuclear Research in Geneva, where he was then Research Associate for over 15 years. He held several Lecturer Posts and Chairs in Switzerland, France and Italy in Medical Physics and Health Technology Assessment.

He holds an Executive MBA from Basel University Switzerland, a Harvard Business School Certificate in Marketing and numerous Diplomas from several schools in Stanford and St Croix, USA, Vancouver Canada, Frankfurt Germany.

His scientific production includes over 150 peer review articles 5 patents and 4 books.

He sat as Executive member of numerous Boards and Committee of Institutions and companies in France UK Belgium and Italy.

He currently serves in his capacity of non-executive board member of Applied Perfusion Diagnostic, an ICU gut monitoring company, Centervue, a global ophthalmology diagnostic device producer, Fineheart a cardiac pump developer, Institut Clinident a dental diagnostic company, Ixaltis an urinary incontinence drug development start up and Precilens a specialty Contact Lens producer.

Mario Caria