Eloy Ortega Gonzalez

Senior Manager, Indra Software Labs

Eloy González Ortega is a talented executive in the energy industry with over 20 years of successful experience working for global corporations within the Utilities Sector (Distribution & Retail), mainly in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Since 2001, he has led the Energy Distribution Division at Indra Software Labs in charge of overall development of OT / IT systems for Utilities focusing on the energy distribution domain.

In 2009, he also became the head of the Energy Innovation Division at Indra Software Labs in charge of overall R&D projects and activities in the energy area, both at the national and international level, with focus on Smart Grids, Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency, and most recently, Transactive Energy Markets following the novel IoT paradigm. In this role, he has supervised multidisciplinary ICT research environments for the past few years, participating in national and EU Smart Grid projects and knowledge working groups with focus on OT / IT system integration and Smart Grids business development. In this sense, he is an expert on disruptive innovation, always on the lookout for advanced technologies and their potential economic impact, together with the paradigm shift they represent.

He is an skilful and capable executive in the Energy industry with deep experience and understanding of the functioning of competitive energy markets and their various impacts in organizational and business processes. Through the years, he has acquired a deep knowledge on the needs of the global energy markets, such as current utility requirements, policymaker’s agendas, regulatory treatments and new business opportunities. He is an specialist in the following areas: general management and business development in the energy sector, growth management, corporate development and strategic definition and implementation and, the policies for establishing the vision, strategy and leadership of energy businesses and corporations.

Eloy collaborates on a regular basis with local & EU policymakers and regulators. His current positions have given him the opportunity to establish close relationships with industry, academia and government bodies, both at the national and international level and he also participates regularly to different standardization bodies and technical committees in the energy sector.

He holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering (B. Sc., M.Sc.) from The University of Texas at Austin.

Eloy Gonzalez